Sunshine Learning Systems exists to support the success of their clients by developing Rich Mobile and Internet Applications to educate users and create communities via the internet. For more information on how to harness the power of a mobile application for your school or business, please contact us.

Sunshine Learning Systems Staff


Carolyn Borton

As Owner and Chief Systems Architect for Sunshine Learning Systems, Carolyn used her extensive experience in learning application development and knowledge as a parent to design the mobile and supporting administration applications and lead the development team.

Diamond Kuzovatkin

As a lead applications developer for Sunshine Learning Systems, Diamond wrote all the code that brought these applications to life - from the database through the mobile and adminstration interfaces.


Kenneth Leishman

As a 2D and 3D artist for Sunshine Learning Systems, Kenneth applied his expertise in logo design and creation to bring you the icons and navigation buttons found throughout the Lutz Learning App.

Jason Borton

As President and HTML / Creative Lead for Sunshine Learning Systems, Jason Borton created much of this website you are now on.

About Sunshine Learning Systems

Our focus is exceptional software revolutionizing education. By education we mean in all forms from the k-12 classroom to educating employees to empowering customers.

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